We believe

Science should be  Digestible .

We make conservation science accessible, digestible and actionable by translating science and providing opportunities for individuals, organizations and management agencies to engage with policymakers in an effort to create change and accountability.

Everyone has a unique role to play and an action to take.

Fostering Informed Advocacy

We believe science should be actionable. That means that science must be easily within reach. We work to bring conservation research alive by translating it for the public and policymakers in engaging and actionable ways. Wild Orca’s online learning center pulls studies off the shelf, puts them in context, and connects them to meaningful actions.

Translational Science

Creating Opportunities for Engagement

We are stronger together. To bring about meaningful change, Wild Orca prepares opportunities for action in areas that have the biggest potential to impact recovery for endangered Southern Resident killer whales. We believe in informed action, so we sort through the science to empower individuals with relevant information and facts to support individual advocacy efforts. When we use our voice in a coordinated and informed way, we can bring about positive change for Southern Resident killer whales.

Action Guide

Building Better Advocates

Your voice is a powerful tool that can bring about meaningful change. But as with all tools, using your voice effectively takes consideration and practice. We work to cultivate better advocacy. Wild Orca provides tools that develop better individual advocacy efforts to save endangered Southern Resident killer whales from extinction.

Action Toolkit