Our Mission

to save southern resident killer whales from extinction.

Since 2014, Wild Orca has been working to engage the public, policymakers, and recover Southern Resident killer whales…

The Problem


Killer Whales are starving due to overfishing, habitat destruction and mismanagement of chinook salmon, their primary prey.


Critical habitat is polluted with toxins and debris.


Acoustic disturbance from vessels hinders hunting and communication efforts.

Our Solution

Political Action

Demand elected officials and agencies act on the best science available to save endangered species.


Restore damaged habitat critical to our most iconic species and ecological web that supports them.


Put research in the hands of the public and the policymakers who have the power to make change.

What We Do


We find, fund, and conduct research to fill in the gaps of existing science, but only when that research has direct potential to inform action.


We translate science from new and old research and put it in the hands of the public and policymakers who are empowered to drive change.


We call on people to become engaged citizens, get hands-on, and demand that policymakers act on the best science to protect endangered killer whales.

Our team

Wild Orca is powered by a team of
volunteers, researchers, kayaktivists,
and wild advocates…

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