Many consumer guides to ocean-friendly seafood list wild-caught Alaska salmon as sustainable, and the entire fishery is certified sustainable to the standards of the Marine Stewardship Council (MSC).

However, it is widely accepted that many of the Chinook salmon caught in the Southeast Alaska Chinook fishery did not originate in Alaskan rivers, but instead have traveled from rivers in British Columbia, Washington, Oregon, and Idaho.

Not only is this source of food vital for the health and survival of the Southern Resident killer whales, but many of these Chinook may also come from stocks listed under the Endangered Species Act as endangered, threatened, or of concern.

As it is therefore extremely challenging to ascertain if the wild-caught Alaska Chinook salmon in your restaurant or market is from a healthy Alaskan river, we suggest for now you choose an alternative and Leave Wild Chinook For Wild Orcas.