Support the Lorraine Loomis Act to save salmon.

Restore Habitat

Unless we save Pacific salmon, we cannot save the Southern Resident killer whales. Your support for green salmon corridors can make a difference.

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The U.S. needs Canada-style plan to save salmon & orcas

Endangered Species

Canada has a bold new plan to try to save Pacific salmon from extinction, which would also help safeguard a future for the endangered Southern Resident killer whales. What's the catch? Without a U.S. plan, how can they succeed?

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Restore the Duckabush Estuary

Habitat Restoration

Puget Sound habitat restoration can proceed if Governor Inslee approves funding for the Duckabush Estuary Project. Let's ensure saving salmon and orcas is high priority in Washington State's next budget.

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Agencies are armed with data to implement protections and public engagement holds them accountable.

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Action Toolkit

Southern Resident killer whales are running out of time and need your voice. We want to help you to become an effective voice in the race against extinction so we've put together these tools and best practices for success in Endangered Killer Whale Activism.

Action Toolkit

Public Comments that WORK

Public Comments make a difference, but not all comments are created equal. Follow our guidelines to ensure your public comment goes the furthest.

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