The comment period is now CLOSED. Thank you to everyone who submitted a comment and spoke out on behalf of endangered Sothern Resident killer whales. Together we submitted over 55 comments sending a clear message to the Pacific Fisheries Management Council that WILD MATTERS and status quo fisheries management is unacceptable. Thank You!

Chinook salmon are essential to the survival of the Southern Resident killer whales, but they must compete with fisheries up and down the Pacific Coast, for an ever-dwindling share of this endangered salmon species.

This month, the Pacific Fishery Management Council will consider options for limiting harm to the orcas. In our opinion, all proposals fall far short to save these whales. One option is no action at all, and others would be too little too late. These orcas need food now. Delay is not an option; extinction is forever.

We have submitted a letter of concern on behalf of our supporters, but Public Comments are accepted up to 5 PM PST Wednesday, September 2nd.

Use our suggested language, together with a personal touch to be most effective:

The best available scientific evidence says that lack of food is the biggest threat to Southern Resident killer whales.

Ocean fisheries remove prey vital to this endangered population, and the actions being proposed do no go far enough to make meaningful change.

The Southern Resident killer whales need to be allocated a share of the Chinook salmon catch. As the original harvesters, they deserve a place at the table.

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we have a fishing problem.

Southern Resident killer whalesare starving to death

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