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a multifaceted role in endangered killer whale recovery...

Awareness & Education
Partner Support
Protection Collaboration
  • Through awareness and education initiatives, members of the community learn about meaningful lifestyle changes that aid in recovery.
  • Through support of partner organizations, Wild Orca works to maintain funding for the comprehensive research and action efforts of partners.
  • Through collaboration Wild Orca strives to develop new approaches and tools to enhance protection and recovery efforts.

Wild Orca Seaplane

In 2014, Wild Orca partnered with Kenmore Air to launch the “Wild Orca Seaplane” awareness campaign. This project has been funded entirely through private donations, and is seen by thousands of people everyday as it flies between Seattle, the San Juan Islands, and the rugged costal communities of British Columbia.

All Kenmore Air flights carry educational booklets for passengers containing information about endangered killer whales, and the things people can do to contribute to their recovery.

photo by Chris Teren

Wild Orca helps to insure the continued efforts of recognized leaders in the field of killer whale research and recovery though financial contributions to partner organizations.

Long Live the Kings

Long Live the Kings (LLTK) is a public 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization committed to restoring wild salmon and steelhead to the waters of the Pacific Northwest.

A keystone of our state’s economy and culture as well as our ecology, salmon are threatened by the loss of habitat, over-harvest, and short-sighted hatchery management. Climate change and a growing human population have accelerated the salmon’s decline. With fewer financial resources available to our state, tribal, and federal management agencies it’s now more important than ever that our salmon recovery strategies are coordinated, strategic and effective.

LLTK helps those who make decisions about salmon to be successful. We pursue projects and partnerships that compel coordinated, scientifically-credible, and transparent changes to harvest, hatchery, and habitat management to protect and restore wild salmon. We bring innovative tools, proven processes, and a track record of success to each of our projects. With our non-government partners, we build new and necessary constituencies and support for change.

Center for Whale Research

The Center for Whale Research was founded in 1976 to promote, conduct and support benign research on marine mammals of the Order Cetacea – whales, dolphins and porpoises. The research method is primarily long term (multi-year) photo-identification of individuals within populations, which provides baseline data for demographic and behavioral studies. The knowledge gained from these studies is provided to the scientific community, to governments, to the public and to conservation organizations.

In 2016 Wild Orca explores the concept of enhancing protection efforts through technology

Wild Orca is collaborating with local organizations and regulatory authorities to develop tools to enhance killer whale protection efforts. Through the use of technology and citizen driven real-time reporting, regulatory agencies will be able to better respond to, and track Marine Mammal and Endangered Species Act violations.